Disney Plus

I'm sure you all have heard that Disney is releasing Disney Plus real soon. Which I absolutely cannot wait for! I. Am. Beyond. Excited. I feel like my childhood is coming back. Those Friday nights where I would stay up late watching Family Channel movies. Constantly searching the family channel website to see what shows... Continue Reading →


Farmers Market

Last year was the first time I have ever been to a Farmers Market. It was mostly just a Pumpkin patch and then another one that was a little indoor shop. This year I have wanted to go visit several different local Farmers Markets, but, had only been able to see one. Which was the... Continue Reading →

Snakes & Lattes

A group of us have been trying to get together for quite some time now to go to Snakes and Lattes. I'd say it took about a month or two for us to officially set a day that actually worked. But we finally got to go! We only played a few games. First game we... Continue Reading →

St Louis All-You-Can-Eat

Everyone has their to go to bar and grill place. I like to think of mine as St. Louis. They have everything these from salads, burgers, ribs, chicken and much more. Their dill sauce is addictingly good and the atmosphere is overall pleasant. One of my favourite things about St Louis is their Wing-sanity special.... Continue Reading →

Tokyo Maki Sushi

On Saturday August 31st a bunch of us had gone for Sushi. Now, mind you, that particular weekend we did a lot of eating out and money spending. So the second someone mentioned Sushi, the first thing that came to mind was... "Oh great, there goes $40". Well, not this place. It was $17.99/ person... Continue Reading →

I’m Here to Stay

Hello Everyone, I am back, well sort of back. I originally made this account back in 2013, intended to post a lot, but eventually stopped a few months later. There has been a numerous occasions where I told myself I was going to come back to WordPress and come blog more, but life either got... Continue Reading →

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